Creative designer: Zelma Pigozne

Instagram: @zellme


  • 1st level professional education program "Clothing design and technology" (Rezekne academy of Technologies )
  • Professional higher education Master's program "Design" module: Fashion design (Rezekne academy of Technologies )
  • Clothing design, modeling and sewing. Intensive professional courses. (Riga Design and Architecture College)
  • 2nd level professional education Bachelor's program "Interior design" (Rezekne University)                                                                                                            ERASMS (1 year) -  University of Humanities and Economics in Lodz (Poland). Program: Graphic design
  • Pedagogy, psychology and subject didactics. Professional Training,profesionaly oriented education and interest education teachers. (Rezekne University)   
  • Leather goods designer (Leatherweare Performer) (Riga School of Arts and Crafts)

Creating each product. Every need, problem is solved by the simplest methods, creating an aesthetic, minimalist product with the idea of a more comfortable life, with added value.

My pashion my love and senses is whit every movemant of my body to my works

Soul of me ..... see my works, recognize my gist whit many layers.



Clothing collection - Bird

The visual image and cut of the clothing collection "Bird" was inspired by the similarity and interaction of several types of clothing in the history of fashion, they are apron and dress, as well as their close connection with the trends of modern dress models. A woman in the office wants to dress feminine and comfortable. The black fabric ensures the multifunctional use of the clothing. The classic semi-fitting silhouette highlights a woman's figure and posture, highlighting femininity and elegance. When women go outside the work environment, accessories are added to the clothes, which gives a mysteriously romantic mood, emphasizing the woman's ideal X-shaped silhouette. 3D printed patterns and tulle fabrics give the costume a touch of light and a unique design.

Ribbon dress - Cellule

During Grant project in Rezekne academy of Technologies, was developed the visual image and construction of the dresēs which was influenced by its history development and contemporary clothing trends. A fitting part of the top that highlights a woman's figure and posture. The sun-cut skirt make the skirt flutter and to move along the woman's pace, creating a world around her. The X-shaped silhouette gives to woman the ideal shape to be elegant and self-confident. Black colour fabric provides the multifunctional use of the ribbon dress and the 3D print creates a lightning play in the costume giving it a unique design.

Functional accessories - bag collection - Anba

Various handmade woolen products that are abundantly decorated are still preserved in the dowry chest. The use of craft skills and the potential of new technologies creates sustainable design subjects. The designs of the bag collection are based on simple geometric shapes. Honoring Grandma's skills and memories, the decorative Bag design was found in Grandma's knitted gloves. Hand bags of different sizes, which can be transformed into backpacks and purses with ethnographic patterns.
Functional accessories made of natural leather, whit laser-cut.

Collection - MaaM

Outerwear is like women, who is made from simple shapes, but she has secret she can transform, change in any time, when she wants.

Collection developed of transformable outerwear with simple geometric cut shapes can complement and adjust the image providing clothing match with a woman. Latgale (region of Latvia) folk costume and modern clothing trends affected production of five costume design and visual general image. Collection name "MaaM" is an abbreviation of the name 'Variable Sisters" in Latvian language, it is like a woman's reflection in the mirror, with a desire to be different and to stand out. Sister competition is challenging and self-improvement.


Limited Liability Company “ZEL&K” has signed an agreement with Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA) on Incubation support within the framework of the ERDF Project No. “Regional Business Incubators and Creative Industries Incubator”.